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3000kg Low Profile Trolley Jack

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About the jack

This low-profile floor jack is a must-have tool for all drivers. It is much more durable than other types of jacks, for example, scissor jacks. You will be able to lift even the heaviest cars, which could not be lifted by smaller jacks.

It is recommended to use a jack stand together with this jack. Low profile floor jacks are not capable of holding a big weight for a long time and they should be used only for rising up and lowering down the car, and not for holding it while someone is working with the car.


  • This jack is very easy to use and it does not require much strength to operate;

  • A very low profile – you will be able to use it under all types of cars, including sports cars;

  • Simple maintenance – hydraulic fluid only needs to be changed every three years to maintain optimum performance;

  • Heavy-duty materials are used for long-lasting durability.

This floor jack can be used as the jack in a car trunk for an emergency situation or in your garage, for regular work. Read the owner’s manual for the proper maintenance and always use the support rack to hold the car for long-lasting use.

User Manual: Download Here

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