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Car Lifts: 2 Post, 4 Post and Scissor Lifts.

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Car Lifts: 2 Post, 4 Post and Scissor Lifts.

In your quest for the most suitable car lift for your garage, you'll discover there are three main types:

1. 4 post car lift
2. 2 post car lift
3. Scissor car lift

Scissor car lifts aren't the best for garage parking since parking under them is impossible. Their limited lifting capacity and design make them more suited for temporary vehicle hoisting for maintenance, not long-term vehicle storage.

This narrows down your options to the two more popular home car lift options: 4 post and 2 post car lifts. This comparison can be a bit perplexing, but we're here to clarify things.

Consider these seven critical aspects when deciding which type of home car lift best suits your family’s needs.

1. Home Parking
You can create additional parking space at home with a 4 post lift if you have the building height. The concept of parking one vehicle beneath another raised on a car lift is enticing for anyone dealing with an overflowing garage.

This is a really popular option for car collectors, especially classic cars and sports cars.

The 2 post lift has its support posts aligned with the centre of the vehicle, making it hard to open the doors and enter or exit a vehicle parked underneath. Whereas 4 post lift’s posts are at the corners of a parked vehicle, eliminating side obstructions.

2. Convenience and Ease of Use
2 post car lifts, being "frame engaging" types, utilise two metal arms to hold the vehicle's weight. However, they require more care and precision, requiring the accurate identification of the lifting points that can vary among vehicles.

In terms of convenience and ease of use, 4 post car lifts surpass their 2 post counterparts. While all car lifts require safety consciousness, a 4 post car lift only needs you to drive your vehicle onto the platform and park, with no guesswork or time spent ensuring proper alignment for safe lifting.

3. Safety Considerations
Using a car lift can be intimidating due to the massive weight of vehicles. The necessity to locate the correct lifting points when using a 2 post lift is crucial for safe vehicle storage. Failure to do so risks an unbalanced vehicle centre of gravity, increasing the chances of a fall.

The stability of a 4 post car lift, due to its double post count, makes it a more appealing option for many homeowners. This type, also considered safer for heavier vehicles and long-term storage, provides more peace of mind.

4. Garage Space Occupied by the Car Lift
Both 4 post and 2 post lifts utilise your garage's vertical space. However, a 2 post lift occupies less space, making it more suitable for smaller garages or limited budgets. If space is not constraints, 4 post car lift might provide more satisfaction.

5. Ease of Installation
Given the importance of safety when operating a car lift, unless you are a professional, DIY installation is not advised. They are heavy and require a professional who can inspect the garage floor to ensure it can support the substantial weight. The floor requirements for each lift can be found in the manuals on this website.

6. Cost
2 post car lifts are generally cheaper than 4 post lifts due to their lower lifting capacities and less material used in construction. However, the additional convenience and versatility of a 4 post car lift might be worth the extra expense.

After weighing the pros and cons of 4 post car lifts versus 2 post lifts, if you determine a 4 post lift is the ideal fit for your garage, feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements and installation process. The installation takes only a day, instantly enhancing your garage's functionality and parking capabilities.

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Whatsapp: 447811247454