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2 Post Lift v 4 Post

2 Post Lift v 4 Post

Lift for home use…

2 Post Lift

A 2 post lift will take up less room. You should aim to have at least a 60cm gap beside each post to allow you to get safely down either side. If you have a garage with low ceiling height you will get more access height to the underneath of the car with a 2 post lift as the car will be lifted by the chassis or sills, whereas on a 4 post lift you will have the wheels on the platforms. On average a 2 post lift will give an extra 50cm of access underneath the car.  

When using a 2 post lift, everything is more accessible. Making it easier to carry out repairs. Brakes and suspension are easier to work on.  

4 Post Lift

A 4 post lift will require more room. They can be either permanently bolted to the floor or made portable with the use of a castor kit. These are ideal for long term car storage as they support all 4 wheels and when raised can allow room for another car to be stored below.  

Getting the car on and off a 4 post lift is quicker and much much easier. With a 2 post lift you need to kneel down, place the arms in the correct position and adjust the lift pad height. On a 4 post lift you just drive on and off.   

You can carry out maintenance work on a 4 post lift, but for some jobs you will need the help of a jacking beam or as they are often referred to rolling jacks. These are used when you need to lift the wheels off the platform. They run up and down the centre of the 2 platforms and you then position them where you need to lift, such as at the front or rear.   

An important benefit of a 4 post lift is that cars with a low ground clearance are usually easier to load.